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I Got Clocked
8300 Utica Ave.
Suite 197
Cucamonga, Ca. 91730

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About Us

It all started with a simple thought in the shower one day.  "Hey, what if somebody made a timepiece by turning a person's own arms into the hands of a clock........ and........ what if their own body could actually be made so that it was positioned between the two arms....ya know...like "naturally".....?

So, after a lot of computer headaches, technical development pain and many many hours of cross-eyed madness, that magic day came when my wife said, "Hey......I GOT CLOCKED!"

Yes, there really is a place called Cucamonga.  That's where all of this magic takes place.  Just a little town in California where our main focus is finding new ways of getting people and "whatever", totally clocked......

We're constantly adding new STUFF to our product line and our web site so that we can keep up with all of those new ideas that you people come up with.  There's just no end to the fun and imagination of getting CLOCKED!

So come back to our site often.  Keep checking out the constantly expanding line of backgrounds.  And don't forget to keep checking back to our gallery page.  They're all real people (and other things) and will help give you great ideas of all the possibilities.

It's fun, it's quick and it's easy (not like learning a foreign language or anything).

We hope we've brought a smile to your face and look forward to clocking you or someone you know.

Brian Sullivan


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